Raku is a Japanese method of firing clay. The glazed pottery is fired in an outdoor kiln until the glaze has matured (20-40 minutes). The pieces are pulled from the red-hot kiln using long tongs, and placed on a bed of straw, aspen or sawdust which immediately catches fire. The flames are then smothered creating heavy smoke. The temperature shock produces cracks in the glazes, and the smoke penetrates into the cracks and all unglazed areas. The smoke swirling around the pottery creates different colors as the temperature varies.

Special clay and glazes are used for Raku pottery. Raku firing is an exciting process because although the shapes and glazing may be similar, no two pots are identical. Due to the non-vitreous characteristics of the clay and glaze, Raku pots are non-functional.

Stoneware Pottery

We’ve chosen just a few of the many, many different pottery pieces we make. We’ll highlight different pieces each month as our moods change. Watch for the new specials each month.

Our new Fantasy Fire Bowls have been a great hit in the home and garden!

Simply pour water in the bowl, cover the water with a thin layer of everyday

vegetable oil, place the floating wicks in the bowl, light and enjoy! Because the

wicks use the vegetable oil as fuel, your wicks will stay lit all day.

The fire bowls are designed for the floating wicks, but you can also float

water candles, fresh flowers or use as a candy dish. To see more variations

of our fire bowls, click on Fantasy Fire Bowls.