Incense Burners

The dragon incense burners use a cone or powder incense.   A flat rock makes a wonderful base for your burner, (there’s a perfect one in your own backyard).  You can burn your incense directly on the rock, and it makes a nice home for your dragon.  Set the dragon incense burner directly over the burning incense and watch him breathe smoke!  The dragon burners are available stained or painted.  To order a painted dragon, simply choose two colors of your choice, one for the body and one for the wings and scales.

This dragon is trying unsuccessfully to hide in the cave. The dragon cave also uses cone or powder incense and sits nicely on your own flat rock. Light the incense and watch the smoke creep out of the cracks and crevices in the cave.

Both the large and small castles are a beautiful addition to your home, even when you’re not burning incense.  Light either the cone or powder incense and let the smoke escape from the turret towers.

If you prefer stick incense, this sweet fairie incense burner is sure to delight. You can also burn your cone or powder incense directly on the stoneware strip.

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