Colorado WindSongs

The “critters” which adorn our windchimes are original sculpted pieces and are used only for our Colorado Wind Songs. Each woodland animal or fairie is available as a “single”, “double”, “triple” or “multiple” windchime. A single windchime has one single animal on it. A double windchime has two animals, and so on. You can customize your windchime by combining animals, adding a stoneware moon above two howling wolves, or adding crystals in your fairie/dragon windchime. Each chime is custom made especially for you just as you like it.


Our Colorado Wind Songs are made to be put outside, and are completely weatherproof. Our secret clay formula is exceptionally strong, and the chimes will provide years of enjoyment for you. Should some musical catastrophe befall your windchime, (hail storms, gale force winds, a line drive over third base, or the annual gutter-cleaning ritual), rest assured that we will always replace your chime pieces. Each windchime comes with a guarantee card complete with calamity instructions.

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