Colorado WindSongs

The “critters” which adorn our windchimes are original sculpted pieces and are used only for our Colorado Wind Songs. Each woodland animal or fairie is available as a “single”, “double”, “triple” or “multiple” windchime. A single windchime has one single animal on it. A double windchime has two animals, and so on. You can customize your windchime by combining animals, adding a stoneware moon above two howling wolves, or adding crystals in your fairie/dragon windchime. Each chime is custom made especially for you just as you like it.


Our Colorado Wind Songs are made to be put outside, and are completely weatherproof. Our secret clay formula is exceptionally strong, and the chimes will provide years of enjoyment for you. Should some musical catastrophe befall your windchime, (hail storms, gale force winds, a line drive over third base, or the annual gutter-cleaning ritual), rest assured that we will always replace your chime pieces. Each windchime comes with a guarantee card complete with calamity instructions.

Incense Burners

The dragon incense burners use a cone or powder incense.   A flat rock makes a wonderful base for your burner, (there’s a perfect one in your own backyard).  You can burn your incense directly on the rock, and it makes a nice home for your dragon.  Set the dragon incense burner directly over the burning incense and watch him breathe smoke!  The dragon burners are available stained or painted.  To order a painted dragon, simply choose two colors of your choice, one for the body and one for the wings and scales.

This dragon is trying unsuccessfully to hide in the cave. The dragon cave also uses cone or powder incense and sits nicely on your own flat rock. Light the incense and watch the smoke creep out of the cracks and crevices in the cave.

Both the large and small castles are a beautiful addition to your home, even when you’re not burning incense.  Light either the cone or powder incense and let the smoke escape from the turret towers.

If you prefer stick incense, this sweet fairie incense burner is sure to delight. You can also burn your cone or powder incense directly on the stoneware strip.

Fantasy Fire Bowls

Our Fantasy Fire Bowls are high-fired stoneware pottery, hand thrown on the potter’s wheel by Larry Kramer. The little fairies, dragons and other “critters” are our own original designs. Each bowl can be made with just about any of our whimsical critters that you will find on our Colorado WindSongs. You can also specify the general color of your bowl (off-white, greens, blues, browns) to truly customize each piece.

Easy to Use!

We’ve designed the bowls to work with the floating wicks as shown in the pictures below. Simply pour water in your bowl, then pour a layer of everyday vegetable oil on top of the water. Place the floating wicks on top of the oil covered water and light. The wicks burn as long as there is oil….eight to ten hours. You can add scents to your water for a bit of aromatherapy! You can find the wicks at most candle shops, or for your convenience, you can order them through us. Each box of wicks contain five plastic floaters, and approximately one hundred wicks.